Paul Ryan for Veep?

I am a huge Paul Ryan fan.  I think he’s brave, principled, intelligent, articulate, and genuinely cares about America’s economic well-being.  He also has the prettiest blue eyes in politics.  He appears to be an ever-more serious contender for the VP slot.  I think that’s great news, although I understand that (sadly) presidential candidates have to consider not just their Veep pick’s virtues, but whether he’ll actually play well on the ticket.

It seems to me, though, that America has less of a geographic divide than it used to (you know, the old Southern states strategy stuff) and much more of an ideological divide — blue cities (some of which dominate whole states) versus everyone else.  If I’m correct in this belief, than having Paul Ryan should transcend geography and simply appeal to those who care deeply about ensuring that America has a healthy economic future.

What do you think (and yes, I really want to know).