Ch-ch-ch-changes — I’ve got a newsletter!

Blogs without newsletters are so “first decade of the 21st century.”  Me?  I’m always sort of up to the minute, so I signed up with MailChimp, a free (or, if you want or need the fancy stuff, paid) site that hosts email newsletters.  I’m actually rather impressed with MailChimp.  It’s very easy to use and, for a small blogger, provides more than enough in the way of free services.

If you’ve ever commented on this blog, you probably woke up to find a newsletter in your inbox.  If you didn’t get a newsletter, but would like to, you can sign up in the subscription box that you’ll find on the right-hand side of my blog. —>

The newsletter currently has two parts:  links to the major posts I put up recently and (to entice you to stick with the newsletter even if you’ve already read the posts) original content that you won’t find at the blog.  A small percentage of this original content will be blatant shilling for Amazon products.  As I mentioned the other day, if you reach Amazon through one of my links, I get a teeny percentage of whatever you ultimately end up buying.  If you’re worried about your privacy, don’t be:  I have no idea who is ordering from Amazon, what they buy, or how much they pay.  I just know that, once a month, I get a notice from Amazon telling me that there’s a small amount of money heading my way.

My one request is that, if you find a particular newsletter worthy, please consider forwarding it to any of your friends who won’t consider you a terrible pest for filling their inboxes with stuff they didn’t ask for.