Clearing out the spindle

I’m making another stab at my incredibly backed-up email inbox.  Here are some things I don’t want you to miss.  Consider this an installment, since I have a big enough backlog in my email to account for another post with even more links.

Gates of Vienna has a new home, after Google shut its old one down.

Even in the Bay Area, the Second Amendment still means something.

The Watcher’s Council opines about race relations in Obama’s America.

Conservatives cause most of American violence — that is, if you redefine “conservative” to include Left wing actors.

I spend a lot of time with teens (having some of my own), and can report that the ones I know are very nice, self-disciplined children.  Sadly, not all are — and parents and culture are to blame.

When girls reach early puberty, the Left assures us that it’s because corporations (especially big dairy) have contaminated the food supply, while other corporations have foisted contaminated plastic bottles on us.  Funnily, when boys reach early puberty, a more obvious culprit gets the blame:  better nutrition than in past generations.

Can someone remind me again why we parents allow our young people to see movies made by men who are manifestly insane?

The second the NRA suggested armed guards at school, the Left burst into hysterical laughter, claiming it was the funniest, and most stupid, thing they’d ever heard.  Please join me in laughing hysterically at how wrong the MSM and other Leftists are.

One of the images from 1984 that haunts me is the way Big Brother (and the government that was actually Big Brother), used cheap, stupid pop culture to placate the masses.  It haunts me even more when someone points out that America has its own cheap, stupid pop culture placating the masses.

Are puns really the lowest form of humor?  I don’t think so.

It’s not that the Constitution isn’t the same wonderful document it was in the past (which is what the NYT would have you believe).  It’s that the plague of Leftism has spread rapidly around the world, so that Constitutions aren’t binding limitations on government for the benefit of the people but are, instead, socialist rule books.

I cannot vouch for the veracity of the claim that the states highlighted below have more people on welfare than they have people employed, but it certainly shows the American trajectory:

More on welfare than employed