Out of the mouths of babes — killer gun control

When the recycling truck heads down our street, collecting people’s glass, cans, and paper, interesting things occasionally float out of the truck and onto the street.  (Which should be a reminder to everyone to shred important documents.  Sometimes the wind is the greatest document thief of them all.)

This morning, I found a crumpled, college-lined piece of paper with childish handwriting on the sidewalk in front of my house.  These were the opening sentences:

I’m writing to tell you how I feel about Gun Control. Gun control kills tons of people each year.  [Sic.]

Despite this auspicious beginning, the rest of the document was actually a childish plea for more gun control.  This is, after all, Marin.  That second sentence, though, was such a perfect Freudian slip — out of the pencils of babes, so to speak — that I had to pass it on.