Taiwanese video takes on Michael Bloomberg’s Nanny-state New York

New Yawkers used to have a reputation for being tough.  They didn’t take sh*t from anybody.

In Mayor Bloomberg’s New York, though, the citizens have allowed themselves to be turned into mewling babies (although not formula-fed mewling babies).  Our favorite Taiwanese animators have now taken on Bloomberg’s reign of . . . well, not terror precisely.  It’s more like he’s a Puritan, determined to ensure that he saves all souls, regardless of how they suffer and lose joy along the way:

Bloomberg’s lust for “it’s for your own good” power got a temporary check today, when a New York Supreme Court justice (the equivalent of a trial court judge in other states) issued an injunction against Bloomberg’s ukase against giant sugary drinks, which was to have gone into effect tomorrow. That’s one tiny step for freedom. Of course, New Yorkers have become so infantilized, one has to wonder if they’re capable of breaking free and running away from this parental bully.