A Marin bumper sticker

This one just made me laugh. What I couldn’t get as I was scrambling at a red light to take the photograph was that, in the upper left hand corner of this truck’s rear window was a macho bumper sticker that said something along the lines of “You never see a motorcycle in the parking lot of a psychiatrist’s office.”

Then, on the right top bumper, you see the even more manly, macho, take-charge directive to “fuck fear.”  And then, in the bottom right, you get “I like ObamaCare.”

All of which together says “I am a macho man who can handle any situation fearlessly.  Oh, and would you please pay all your money in taxes just to make sure the government takes care of me?”

Macho take care of me bumper sticker

The empowering thing about Leftism is that you never have to make sense. Cognitive dissonance is an accepted way of life.