Holder is not the cancer in the administration; he’s merely a symptom

Peter Wehner, who writes at Commentary Magazine’s blog, is usually very mild mannered in his critiques. I would call him a Romney Republican.  He’s a moderate conservative who worked the White House under Reagan and both Bush’s.  He therefore tends to be a little forgiving of bad political decisions.  That’s why it was amazing to see his post about Eric Holder’s resignation, which Wehner believes was a necessity, end with this harsh paragraph:

But whether Holder stays or goes is, if not exactly beside the point, not the central issue involved here.

What matters is that we have an administration that had contempt for the rule of law and believes it is right and proper to use the power of the federal government to target, intimidate, and silence its political opponents. That has been happening since nearly the beginning of the Obama Era. Eric Holder is not the generator of this culture of intimidation and corruption; he is merely one of its executioners. The real problem with the Obama administration begins at the top. Getting rid of Eric Holder may be a good idea. But it won’t solve the deeper pathologies of this presidency.