Perverting language to turn equality of outcome into “justice”

Traditionally, one of the things to remember about “justice” is that “justice” isn’t always fair.  Sometimes doing the right or “just” thing means that someone gets hurt or left out or punished.  A friend of mine sent me an image that tries to pervert language so that “equality” means “unfair,” and “justice” means “equality of outcome.”  And really, once you’ve done this, nothing has any meaning at all anyway:

Equality and Justice

The bottom line is that life is sometimes unfair, and the moment you pretend that fairness and justice have an acceptable meaning only when they are identical to equality of outcome, you’ve cleared the pathway to tyranny. if I had any artistic ability, I’d do another image, showing all the people behind the three boys who can’t see a damn thing with them standing on those stacked boxes in the front row.