How to Gum Up the Works?

Saul Alinsky was a wicked man, and perhaps the wickedest advice he gave his acolytes was “make them play by their own rules.”

So here’s a thought experiment: What are some non-violent acts that resistors to the current federal regime could commit that would royally gum up the government bureaucracy and perhaps starve the beast of funds–all the while playing by its rules?

Please ransack your imaginations and offer some tactics. To get things started, I’ll offer two:

Create a Geezer Shock Corps (not pronounced “corpse,” Barry) where tens of thousands of old farts like me who really don’t have anything left to lose engage in acts of civil disobedience. We’ll flood the courts and jails with old-people stink and cost the gubmint an arm and a leg to keep us locked up. When the Feds begin mistreating us–and they will, because it’s their nature and we’re going to cost them a lot–even the Whore Media will get off its knees long enough to report the elder abuse.

Fill in the wrong race or sex on every application for college or government funding. Force the authorities to reveal their criteria for determining who belongs to which race or sex. Sue them for violating what the Supremes have said is every person’s right to determine his/her/its own take on what makes the universe run and his/her/its place in it.

Any and all ideas for non-violently sabotaging the elitists who have hijacked our country are welcome.

NSA Disclaimer: Chuck Martel is not calling for the violent overthrow of you cretinous yahoos. He simply wonders what intelligent people might do to get you all in a panties-tied-up-in-a-bunch tizzy.