College Girl Questions NSA Recruiter……

Apparently, the NSA was holding a meeting on a college campus for purposes of drumming up some interviews with students who might be interested in working for the agency.   After the presentation, they made a mistake — they had a Q&A.

The first question on the recording is something like this:

“You’re saying that you track the communications of our adversaries and protect the communications of officials. So….do you consider Germany and the countries NSA has been spying on adversaries?”

The recruiter mumbles his way through an answer, but the student keeps following up.  Others are also on the tape.  It’s quite the performance.

These are NOT conservative students…that becomes fairly plain if you listen long enough.  But, given what’s happening with our government these days, I’ve ceased to care who holds their feet to the fire….so long as they get as many hotfeet as possible.