KTVU in San Francisco Announces Asiana Pilots’ Names…

Hugh Hewitt played the announcement on the radio this afternoon, and I practically drove onto the sidewalk laughing…..!  As I live and breathe, the news-reader lady actually read these names straight….and never caught on (how clueless are journalism graduates?).

Sum Ting Wong

Mee Tu Lo

Ho Lee Fuk

Bang Ding Ow

You can listen for yourself!

Somewhere in the vicinity of the National Transportation Safety Board, a summer intern is standing in the pillory!

The thing that strikes me is that anyone with ANY Korean acquaintances would know that you could NEVER list four Korean names and not have one of them be either Kim or Park – and probably both!


P.S. If you go to Hugh Hewitt’s site, there’s a GREAT (and very discouraging) interview he conducted with one of the genuine good guys in Congress — but a guy who is seriously off track.  Once you’ve listened to the mp3, scroll down and read his pitch for campaign funds.  I’m getting sick.


P.P.S. You’ll laugh until your stomach hurts at Hewitt’s interview of James Lileks.  I live to serve.  🙂