State Never Proved Its Case, Legal Analysts Say

That is the headline on a Miami Herald article that is (as far as I can see) remarkably fair and even-handed.  Of course, I’m not sure WHAT we would do without “Legal Analysts” to let us know these things…..who could have discerned that the prosecutors had NOTHING, and so put on a purely ad hominem performance against the defendant?

Meanwhile, Harry Reid further beclowns himself (if that’s possible) by essentially calling for the Eric Holder “Justice Department” to open a civil rights case against George Zimmerman for the unforgivable act of defending his life against a black teenager who broke his nose and had him on the ground banging his head on the concrete.

Of course, this is the SAME “Justice Department” that assisted in organizing “Justice for Trayvon” protest marches in the weeks following the events of February, 2012.  Documents obtained by Judicial Watch’s FOIA request establish the significant involvement of the Community Relations Service in the activities that led to the prosecution of George Zimmerman as a racist murderer, as well as the resignation of the Sanford police chief.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, four teenage (black) members of the “Re-Up” gang attacked and beat up a 36-year old guy in the wee hours of the morning while he was buying gas and snacks.  He staggered into the street, was struck by a car, and died – with no assistance from the gang members either to keep him out of traffic, or to stop oncoming cars.  However, you’ll be glad to know that “This was not racially motivated,” Pierce told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Cobb County police are investigating this like any other crime.”

Well, THAT’s a relief, anyhow……..