It’s Almost Surreal to Read About The Rodney Scott Trial

In 2009, a 42-year old black man shot dead a 16-year old white teenager in New York State.  At trial, he was acquitted of first-degree manslaughter by a majority-white jury.

The two teens accompanying the one who was shot had joined him in getting drunk on gin from a parental liquor cabinet, and also in rifling cars for cigarettes at 3:00 a.m.   Roderick Scott heard them trying to get into his car, and went out front with his (legal) .40 caliber semi-aut0matic.  From here on, stories differ.

Scott says he told the kids he had a gun and they were to stand still and wait for the police his wife had called.  He says that Christopher Cervini charged him and he shot twice, killing the teen.  Christopher’s cousin tells a different story, that his cousin was shot the first time while standing with his hands in the air.

A lot of parallels with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, as pointed out by Talitha McEachin, a black lady living in Atlanta.  What’s remarkable is that this young woman proceeds to point out that there are really important differences, too.  “There were no marches, no protests and no media coverage on television except locally and some online. President Obama didn’t speak on this case.The 911 call Scott made was released but is not on Youtube. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson didn’t show their faces and Geraldo Rivera didn’t blame Cervini’s clothing attire for him being shot. Scott also was not investigated for a hate crime even though his victim was white and only the local law enforcement investigated this case.”

Our country has a problem, and electing our first black President didn’t do anything to alleviate it.