Miracles Still Happen…..

I used to have bad dreams about this kind of thing when my kids were small. Some parents spin the concern into an overprotective denial to their children of many of the potentially dangerous activities that so many of us enjoyed — climbing trees, riding bicycles, swimming in the river, etc.

Now that I’m a grandparent, I have some of the same feelings about the grandkids…but pray for serenity (for me) and wisdom (for the parents).

Anyhow, 6-year-old Nathan Woessner was playing on the Indiana Dunes along Lake Michigan when he was suddenly swallowed up!!  Rescuers attempting to dig him out were horrified to find that he kept sinking into the sand – apparently he’d fallen into the hollow cavity of a tree that had been swallowed up decades (maybe a century?) ago, and has been rotting away ever since.

It was THREE HOURS LATER that they finally pulled him from beneath 11 feet of sand, cold and unresponsive, without breath or pulse.  They piled him into the back of a 4WD pickup truck and started out of the dunes, heading for an ambulance…and when they bumped over an obstruction of some kind, Nathan took a breath, and a cut on his head started bleeding!!

Short story is that they’ve been cleaning the sand out of his lungs, and they expect a full recovery.  You can read the whole story here…..

H/T: Grandbabies’ Mom, Laura