I’m Being as Cynical as I Can….But I Can’t Keep Up!

Contra Costa County in California got a political and economic plum earlier this year – the right to have an Obamacare Call Center sited in Concord, along with over 200 jobs for people who will help citizens navigate the shoal-waters of The Affordable Care Act.

Imagine the chagrin of local politicians, as well as job applicants, when they found out that about half of those jobs will be part-time and carry no health benefits.  Welcome to the world of Obamacare, suckers!!

Unless, of course, you have the assistance of a politically-connected union!  The National Treasury Employees Union has sent a form letter to IRS (and other federal) employees – that would be the same IRS whose members will be enforcing The Affordable Care Act – for them to send along to their Representatives and Senators, making the case for allowing them to keep their taxpayer subsidized health-care plan and not be forced into the insurance exchanges that so many other, less-privileged, Americans are going to have to use.

Given the power of the big “public-service” unions, what are you betting that Congress will stand firm and make their members join the ranks of “the folks”?

More and more in our country, the law is for the little people….not for those who see themselves as our masters.