Looks Like Hillary……the Contest.

….and that should NOT evoke the thought “tastes like chicken”. Shame on you!

Diane Lane (Berlin Film Festival 2011) 2.jpg

NBC is planning a four-hour miniseries featuring the former first lady, former Senator and former Secretary of State.

That’s Diane Lane, who’ll be playing the WoB….she’s 48 this year (46 in the photo), and will play Hillary from age 51-66 years old.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Sadie has suggested a contest – so let’s get it on:  What is an appropriate title for the Miniseries?   If I think of a prize – you can suggest possibilities for the prize, too…just keep it clean – maybe we’ll pick a winner.  Otherwise, we’ll all just praise or denigrate any suggestions that appear.

You ARE ready for an audit, right?