Chinese Baby Rescued From 4-inch Sewer Pipe….

Apparently, his mother dropped him down the drain (watch the video at the link) in the squat toilet of a shared bathroom in her apartment building.  He was heard crying, and when rescuers couldn’t pull him back out, they went downstairs and cut a section of (plastic) pipe away with the baby boy inside.  Taking it to the hospital, they snipped and bent until they finally freed the child.

It appears that after the child went into the toilet, the mother lost her nerve (although she says he slipped from her hands after delivery, doctors say the baby is at least two days old)  and reported to a neighbor that she could hear strange noises coming from the pipes, triggering the rescue effort.

Welcome to the land of the one-child policy!  That a government that perpetrates forced abortions on women could even consider a murder charge for this pathetic 22-year old is a travesty!