Is Chelsea Clinton really an accomplished woman or is she just a degree jockey?

At National Review, Katrina Trinko has a nice post about the media’s palpitating desire to see Chelsea Clinton run for office, despite the fact that Chelsea, so far, hasn’t seemed that interested.  Trinko focuses on the media, not on Chelsea, and Trinko clearly has no intention of attacking Chelsea.  Indeed, she makes the point that Chelsea is “accomplished”:

Clinton is no doubt an accomplished woman: She graduated from Stanford and has since obtained master’s degrees from both Oxford and Columbia; she is currently working on a Ph.D. in international relations. She is the co-founder and co-chair of the Of Many Institute for MultiFaith Leadership at New York University.

Reading that laundry list of degrees, it occurred to me that Trinko is either being generous or sarcastic when she calls Clinton “accomplished.”  In fact, Clinton has done exactly nothing with her life if the only thing that she can put on her resume is one academic degree after another.  (We’ll be polite enough to ignore Chelsea’s laughable stint as an occasional feature reporter for NBC.  After all, not everyone is blessed with media charisma.)

The only thing Chelsea’s little resume shows is that she has the money to remain a perpetual student.  She was raised in a rich liberal bubble, and she’s been content to live her entire life in precisely that same rich little bubble.  Academia is not real life and, in the old days, before Hollywood gave up any pretense of being nothing more than an elite socialist shill, the movies could still make some fun of that fact:

Just saying….