Articles that intrigued me (Link fixed)

A quick laundry list of articles (three from American Thinker alone) that intrigued me this morning:

The Crusades reconsidered.  Our anti-Crusade narrative pre-dates Leftists, and goes back to internecine fighting amongst Christians, including the Catholic/Protestant schism.  It’s time for this infighting to stop coloring the past and for us to speak honestly about the Crusades.

The continuing brutal legacy of the Religion of Peace.  Not only is the RoP anything but peaceful, it visits its worst depredations on its own kind.

Obama moving to an imposed solution on Israel?  Notwithstanding the RoP’s problem, Obama knows who the real enemy is:  the single liberal democracy in the Middle East, one that gives equal rights to all religions, races, creeds, countries of origin, sexes, and sexual identities.  Moreover, Obama is going to work hard to ensure that, on his watch, this light is snuffed, so that the Middle East can be a homogenous collection of antisemitic, homophobic, anti-Christian, misogynistic jihadists.

Sweden overtakes Norway and the UK as the most dangerous place for women in the Scandinavian countries.  For those scratching their heads and wondering why these marvelously Progressive, socialist paradises, where women get all the gifts the state can endow, have become so threatening, I’ll give you a hint:  RoP.

Would it surprise you to learn that the AP totally lied about a photo so that the picture would advance the global warming narrative?  Yeah, it didn’t surprise me either.

An oldie, but a goodie:  the real reason Michelle and Barack lost their law licenses, and it wasn’t because they voluntarily chose to be inactive members of the bar.  [Link fixed.]

Ladar Levison says that, if we knew what he knows, we’d stop using email.

Here’s another “would it surprise you.”  Would it surprise you that a University of California faculty member used school equipment to benefit a Democrat candidate?  You know my answer to that question.

Have you seen anything interesting on the internet today?