A polite request re my book

Kindle.web_Andrea.coverMASTERIf you’ve read and liked my newest collection of essays, The Bookworm Returns : Life in Obama’s America, I would very much appreciate it if you could give it a review on the Amazon page.

Unless, of course, you hated it, in which case you can consider yourself off the hook for any reviewing obligations.

If you’d like inspiration, I can’t point you to a better example than the review from Caryl B. Miller:

Deep in the wilds of Marin County on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge lives Bookworm, a pseudonym for a wonderful writer and culture warrior tilting against the predominant Left flowing current. I’ve always loved her blogging and here is a collection of some of her best work.

Her take on living in Obama’s America, delivered from what some people might call the heart of it alternately made me laugh and reflect seriously at what we’re becoming as a society, and I think it will have the same effect on you. It is, more or less, a diary on what we’re going through right now. And being a collection of short essays, it’s a great mental snack when you feel like giving your brain a treat.

Highly recommended.