#YesAllWomen : With regard to male shooters, I’ve finally figured out the Democrats’ universal theory of everything

Elliot RodgersFrom the moment Elliot Rodgers went on his rampage, the accusations flew.  Surprisingly few of them flew at Rodgers himself.  Instead, the two main culprits per the media and those fellow travelers whose quotes they allow on air, the shootings’ cause can be traced directly to two sources:  the NRA and misogyny.

We’ve already hashed out the gun angle (more guns means less crime; California already had all the gun restrictions the Left is now insisting the feds must have too, even though they clearly don’t work; Rodgers’ had guns that were legal; Rodgers knifed three of his victims and attacked others with his car), so I’ll stop with that parenthetical.  But what about that misogyny issue?

Women who once would have burned their bras to make a point have entered the 21st century and, this time around, are tweeting about their oppression.  They’ve created a hashtag — #YesAllWomen — and are vigorously making a principled stand in 120 characters or less:

The hashtag #YesAllWomen was used more than 1 million times since Saturday when people got a closer look into the killer’s thoughts in the journal and a YouTube video he posted the day before his attacks.

Since it started, there are tweets about rape, feminism, harassment and women’s rights with the same hashtag.

There are tweets about abusive relationships (although Rodgers’ said that his problem was that he had no relationships); tweets about how female reporters get sexually harassed if they do investigative reports (never mind that Rodgers was never the subject of an investigative report); tweets about dress codes at high school; and (my favorite) “Because men don’t text eachother [sic] that they got home safe.”

In response to this last one, a friend asked me an important question.  “WTF? How is that men’s fault?”

Dear Friend, I have the answer for you, and it is a universal theory of everything when it comes to men and guns in America:

You guys are bad, bad to the bone. B-b-b-bad. B-b-b-bad to the bone. Everything is and always will be your fault. 1/

1/The above statement does not apply to gay men, men of color, or men in the Democrat party.2/

2/The above statement does not apply to men in the Democrat party if they use guns to shoot people.3/

3/The above statement does not apply to men in the Democrat party who use guns to shoot people if the shooter is black.

I trust that everything is clear now.