The Bookworm Beat — 9/13/14 Illustrated Edition (and Open Thread)

Being a domestic goddess is exhausting. After a day spent shopping, cleaning, driving, folding, and cooking, I sat down to watch the surprisingly delightful On Approval. It’s a short movie (only 90 minutes), so I thought that, after it was done, I’d fold some laundry and write some blog posts. I actually have a lot of ideas in my head. Unfortunately, my dog crawled into my arms, tucked his little head in my neck, and started to snore. What else could I do? I started to snore too!

I’m now drying the last load of laundry before I go to bed for real (otherwise it mildews by morning). I have an early day and a long drive tomorrow (Fall soccer season is wearing on parents), but really do have high hopes that I can write upon my return, around 1 p.m. PST. Until then, I have a really delightful batch of images. Most are from Caped Crusader, but a few originated with my Facebook friends. I hope you enjoy them:

Science and faith

100 years of income tax

The minimum wage strategy

No boots on the ground in Iraq

Mass shootings and Democrats

Liberals and college costs

Corruption at the IRS

The silent Muslim majority

The 28 percent who are happy

Why people are angry with the government

ISIS learns from Obama that it's not Islamic

America's first amendment area

Obama's CYA with Congress re war

The real deniers

How to unload a pro sports team

9-11 means mall cops

When guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns

That's us in ten years.

These men should never meet

Can't get out of bed

Obama Twilight Zone