War, disease, and the Malthusian Leftists

Why is militant Islam Like EbolaI finally caught up with Alan Dershowitz’s The Education of a Wartime President. In it, he quite appropriately takes Obama to task for taking the opportunity when the US was not at war for setting an impossibly high standard of engagement with enemies (one can bomb only if there’s near certainty that no civilians are present); brutality castigated Israel this past summer for violating that risible standard; and then promptly absolved it from having to abide by the standard when the US engages with ISIS. Reading it, I keep wondering when Dershowitz will finally have his moment of cognitive dissonance and finally realize that, as Obama is to Israel, so are Progressives to everything they touch: dishonest, hypocritical, and harmful.

Reading Dershowitz also got me thinking about Leftists in general, a line of thinking aided by a back channel discussion some bloggers and I are having about the Left’s almost unholy (and quite possibly completely inaccurate) ghoulish delight in Ebola, as well as their applause for Obama’s refusal to take precautions at America’s border, because doing so would be “racist.”

When I hear that it’s “racist” to protect against the people most likely to carry a race-blind virus, or when I hear that it’s “racist” to object to radical elements in Islam, a religion to which people of all colors and nationalities adhere, my first thought is “Leftists/Progressives/Democrats are stupid.” I the modify it to say to myself “Leftist/Progressive/Democrat foot soldiers are obedient puppets.”

And then I get to the real thought, which is that Leftist/Progressive/Democrat foot soldiers, with the forty year obsession about over-population, are consciously or unconsciously exited about the thought of radical, Malthusian depopulation. For all their hatred of America, they recognize that overpopulation isn’t a problem here; it’s a problem there — a problem in Africa and Asia and Latin America and the Middle East. How nice, then, for war and disease to ravage those populations so that there’s more room here for the rest of us. They want Jews and Arabs to die and They want Africans to die and they want the Chinese and Indians to keep killing those baby girls and they want people in America to keep having lots of non-procreative sex so that they’re not paying attention to the important things.

They want anything that will leave more room on earth for them to enjoy a pastoral green world, aided by just enough modern technology to keep them comfortable the absence of the rest of us. They’re not nihilists or anarchists. They are, instead, profoundly selfish. Their limited imaginations don’t encompass an understanding than, when war and disease reach appropriately Malthusian levels, everything is destroyed. All the systems are wiped out. It all ends everywhere, because war and disease are no respecters of borders.