The Bookworm Beat (11/14/14) — Illustrated edition (and Open Thread)

Caped Crusader has been busy again, so I’m in possession of a number of wonderful posters and cartoons. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Ramirez on Emperor Obama

Leftists are hysterical about everything but ebola

Lincoln on fooling people Gruber Obamacare

Not immigration or asylum seeking but invasion

American terrorists in Syria get to keep their passports

Fascism, abortion, and euthanasia

Voltaire on committing atrocities

Thomas Sowell on Obama

Anticorporate protesters are corporations' best customers

When Democrats call Republican women whores, feminists stay silent

Obama versus Lincoln on the constitution

The only good corporation is a Leftist corporation say liberals

Abortion prevents breast cancer in fetuses

Feminists on abortion and birth control

Founding Fathers on spying

Obamacare and its regulations

Leftists and abortion

Ronald Reagan on the right to pray

Federal government logic on hijacking

America's most dangerous predator is a lame duck senator

Proof that cats are solid and liquid