The Bookworm Beat 1/18/15 — The illustrated (and video’d) edition, and Open Thread

A few I found; most are from Caped Crusader, who has a singular knack for gathering up excellent images:

Freedom of choice doesn't mean freedom from consequences

Evil never dies

The ironies of Josh Earnest's name

Charles Hebdo killers knew that they wouldn't face opposing guns

Islamic anger management

Suicide of the West

Benjamin Disraeli commence tyranny in the nursery

Muslims get a pass on homophobia

Pamela Geller on ISIS being Islamic

The skewed economy of American colleges

Obama never met an oppressive dictatorship he didn't like

Guns are low on the list of American killers

Obama takes America forward off the cliff

John Boehner sell out

Obama's war on energy

ICC perversion

Motor minding

Uke I am your father

Democrat Israel hauled into dock by terrorist Hamas

And thanks to Sadie for this stellar video: