The Bookworm Beat 1/19/15 — abbreviated version and Open Thread

Woman writingAt a lawyer level, this has been a somewhat frustrating day, with me struggling to fit my facts (always true and honest ones) to the law (which sometimes refuses to cooperate), capped by a power outage that lost me an hour of time. Add to that the usual cries for attention from family, and I’m feeling a little . . . ummm, stressed. Still, I have stuff I want to share with you, so let me whip through it:

Chilling look into the near future at what the next school attack might look like

Mike McDaniel, who blogs at Stately McDaniel Manor, has looked at past school shootings, both at home and abroad, and come up with a possible scenario for the next assault on an American school. I don’t doubt that he’s accurately predicting a possible American future unless we take steps now to head it off.

Between Mike’s excellent writing, and the reality he weaves into his look at a potential future, the piece is absolutely chilling. It’s the stuff of nightmares. You really should share it with people who refuse to look reality in the face. Maybe this will help change their minds.

My last word on Seth Rogen and Michael Moore

America’s Sergeant Major has written a pithy piece relegating the Seth Rogen’s and Michael Moore’s of the world to their correct place in the hierarchy of American thought. He believes everyone is entitled to an opinion, and we can make our choices about which opinions we consider more credible and valuable….

Jane Fonda is just sorry she got caught

Jane Fonda has admitted that her partying with the Communists in Vietnam in 1972, and insulting America’s troops, was a mistake. She even understands (how big of her) that Vietnam vets might be mad at her.

This is all weasel talk. The one phrase that hasn’t crossed Fonda’s lips is “I’m sorry.”  Or if she’s really sorry, she could say something along the lines of “I’m desperately, terribly sorry. I was a brainless Leftist and I inflicted incalculable harm on America and, more specifically, on America’s young men in Vietnam. I know you can never forgive me, but please understand that I deeply regret what I did and the harm it caused.”

But she won’t do it. She’s not sorry for what she did. She’s just sorry that the people she hurt refuse to let her off the hook scot free.

Modern Europe finishes the job for Hitler:

Mark Steyn takes aim at Europe’s move towards (finally!) being Judenrein. Some of my friends have complained that Steyn doesn’t indict the Muslims in this piece, but I think he’s right to say that Europe made this decision on her own and that, as Hitler did before, she’s using Muslims as her executioners:

The Jews are always the canaries in the coal mine, so they won’t be the last in Europe to discover that, when it matters, the state isn’t there for you. [snip] And yet liberal American Jews seem barely aware of this grim roll call. Even if you put to one side the public school in Denmark that says it can no longer take Jewish children because of the security situation, and the five children of the chief rabbi of Amsterdam who’ve decided to emigrate, and the Swedish Jews fleeing the most famously tolerant nation in Europe because of its pervasive anti-Semitism; even if you put all that to the side and consider only the situation in France… No, wait, forget the Villiers-le-Bel schoolgirl brutally beaten by a gang jeering, “Jews must die”; and the Paris disc-jockey who had his throat slit, his eyes gouged out, and his face ripped off by a neighbor who crowed, “I have killed my Jew”; and the young Frenchman tortured to death over three weeks, while his family listened via phone to his howls of agony as his captors chanted from the Koran… No, put all that to one side, too, and consider only the city of Toulouse. In recent years, in this one city, a synagogue has been firebombed, another set alight when two burning cars were driven into it, a third burgled and “Dirty Jews” scrawled on the ark housing the Torah, a kosher butcher’s strafed with gunfire, a Jewish sports association attacked with Molotov cocktails…

Taxing stay at home Moms

A young Swedish man of my acquaintance was boasting about the stellar childcare Sweden offers. I politely got him to acknowledge that what it doesn’t offer is an opportunity for women to raise their own children. Thus, after their nicely year-long socialist year of maternity leave, mothers are expected to turn their children over to the state and go back to work. Obama envisions the same future for America.

The Islamic killing machine

It’s not just today, and it’s not just in the Middle East and in Europe and in Russia and in the United States and in the Malayan Peninsula. At all times and in all places, wherever there is Islam, there is death, mountains and piles and rivers of bloody death.

Moreover, in an unfortunate coincidence, or a very covert plan, Obama’s spinning a foreign policy web that supports Islam’s explosive outreach around the world. Incidentally, his policies still don’t mean he’s a Muslim. They could mean that Islam and the Left like each other, or that Obama doesn’t like America and Western culture, or that Obama is a Muslim, or that he’s a fool, or that he’s just an evil man. Take your pick or come up with another theory.  Until he talks or there’s a smoking gun, we’ll never really know his motive, we’ll just see the fruits of his malevolent labors.

Th-th-that’s all, folks!