The Bookworm Beat 1-20-15 — the awesome illustrated edition and open thread

Caped Crusader did almost all the work (I contributed just a teeny bit), so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy these great posters:

James Taylor torture

Al Sharpton, human rights, and unicorns

Change the things I cannot accept

If you insult my mother expect a punch

Leftists Muslims and Gay Marriage

The truth behind free community college

Michael Moore never heard of her

Rhetoric causes violence but only if its from conservatives say Leftists

More open minded means think what I think

Papering over the Obama record

The miracles of socialism

Democrats win by being losers

Brigette Gabriel explains why a small minority of Muslims is so dangerous

If you applauded Brendan Eich's firing drop the JeSuisCharlie shtick

Everyone offended by American flag but not by American handouts

After Muslim massacre no one will admit Muslims are the problem

Congress a retirement home for millionaires

Progressives think that if we're passive Islamists will go away

Terrorism since 1970 -- it's not the Christians

The hypocrites' dictionary of phobias

Culture attacking kids with toy guns

The love that dares not speak its name now won't shut up

Federal government and the Santa Claus myth

Reagan on Welfare

Compassion for animals

John Kerry stop  in the name of love

Being normal worst two minutes of life

MLK on Israel

Antisemitism in France

Blockades and walls when Israel not involved