The Bookworm Beat 2-18-15 — the illustrated edition and Open Thread

I’m still away from my computer, but you would not believe the posters Caped Crusader sent me. I’ll be doling them out in wonderful bunches for days.

pre Islamophobic America with Twin Towers

1945 never again 2014 never mind

Brian Williams on the Siege of Constantinople

Anne Frank on Jews and God

Chuck Norris on country government and debt

Einstein on Jesus

Kurdish woman fighter

Nobody knows Omar Thornton a black who mass murdered whites

Obama - Chris Kyle v Whitney Houston

Polar Bear on ice is Obama's idea of a national security threat

Thomas Jefferson on parasites and government

Reagan government's first duty to protect people not run their lives

Police officer makes decision in seconds that lawyers fight over for years

ISIS slaughter a national security threat

Jefferson greatest danger to freedom is government that ignores constitution

Media and radical Christians