The Bookworm Beat 4-2-15 — the “choking on my own bile” edition and open thread

Woman writingThis morning, I woke up so angry about the Iran agreement that Obama has been pushing and about the faked RFRA outrage that I couldn’t even write.  Every time I sat down at the computer, I choked on my own bile and my brain froze. I felt like a computer suffering from an electric surge. I medicated myself with a junk novel and some chocolate, and am finally feeling stable enough to write without exploding.

I’ve already said what I have to say about Obama and Iran, and about RFRA, so I’ll be brief. Obama is not dumb and he’s not just a Leftist ideologue. He is a man with a ferocious feral intelligence and he is genuinely evil. Regarding RFRA, it is not Jim Crow. What made Jim Crow so bad was that it was government action. The whole point of RFRA is that it’s supposed to protect individuals from government action. No one gets that; no one’s explaining it; if someone explained it, no one would listen; and Leftists are fascists at heart.

And now on to other things, to which I’ll link with brevity. Now that I’ve assuaged my anger a little bit with dime store romance, I have to go pick up my tax returns from my accountant, which will undoubtedly inflame me all over again. Here’s a video of me (I’m the baby):

You know how you know you’re a smart person? Thomas Sowell, in his inimitable way, says what you’ve been saying all along, including the bit about the apocalyptic mullahs who are not like the cold-headed Soviets. The latter feared mutually assured destruction; the former embrace it.

A British man and a German man envision a moral world 100 years from now. It’s like Huxley’s Brave New World, only infinitely worse, with man a slave to robots and vegetables.

Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish) analyzes the Left’s culture war, which is not against “culture” per se, but is a direct attack on America from the inside. He also believes that individual Americans, by clinging ferociously to their individuality and their values, can reclaim what we have lost, although it will be neither a swift nor an easy battle.

Passover is coming up soon, and I’ll publishing my annual Passover post about God, Moses, Pharaoh, and the nature of tyranny. Meanwhile, Robert Avrech will help you understand why, in this year’s post, Pharaoh has Obama’s face.

Just when you think Michael Ramirez can’t get any more brilliant . . . he gets more brilliant.

Even in awful times, there are funny things. One high school senior decided to turn the table on Duke University for having rejected her. At many stages in my life, I would have loved to have sent a letter like this one, but I lacked both the wit and the courage:

Siobhan O'Dell rejection of rejection letter

And now that you’ve had a good laugh, I invite you to join me again in the land of tears and anger: