The Bookworm Beat 4-28-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

Yay! The Caped Crusader has come through for me yet again. And when he comes through for me, I like to think that he comes through for everyone with these stellar poster and cartoon collections:

Banning transgenders from therapy

Hillary campaign button

Hillary human rights

Hillary deletes things

ISIS Minnesota

Obama Iran Israel

Global warming hot flashes

Liberal earth day hypocrites

cull bureaucrats

Clints are back 2

gays conception abortion

Hillary needs feminism

Hillary income inequality

Hillary lies supporters ignore

Obama veterans

Democrats like a specific kind of woman

Liberal logic national debt

Hillary evil empire

Dirty Earth Day supporters

UCLA professor racist for correcting grammar

Obamacare and liberals

Clintons are back

Hillary's banned words

Scott Walker Environmental Employees

MSNBC Tax cheats

Obama Israel Iran

Reid's Koch problem

Immigrants Obama

Liberals normal downs

Iran cheat Obama

Original gun nuts

Thomas Paine patriot government