The Bookworm Beat 4-28-15 — the “I’ve got a job” edition and open thread

Woman writingFor the next few weeks, I’m helping out at an actual office. This means that, as was the case today, I may not get to my computer until later in the day. You might want to consider my blog the place to go for afternoon and early evening reading. I’ve got a few articles saved from yesterday, and I’ll share them here before I start reading today’s material:

The Supreme Court and Gay Marriage

Traditionally, Supreme Court justices have worked on being inscrutable. It’s been part of the mystique. Even during oral argument, their questions aren’t necessarily an indicator about which way any given justice will decide a case. This is important, because it creates the appearance of impartiality and fealty to the Constitution, rather than to personal bias.

At least, that used to be the case. When it comes to gay marriage, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the worst writer on the Supreme Court, has also abandoned all pretense of impartiality of obeisance to the Constitution. Consider her an enthusiastic “yes” vote for gay marriage.

VDH outdoes himself analyzing the Clintons’ peculiar brand of utter corruption

Sometimes Victor Davis Hanson has an almost oracular quality, when his writing transcends ordinary opinion pieces and goes into some transcendent outer zone. He’s done it today with his take on the Clintons’ epic immorality:

But all that said, the House of Clinton has utterly collapsed in a moral sense. The very name Clinton is now synonymous with amorality and will be so for the rest of American history. It is not that the Clintons are immoral and thus break existing moral canons and laws; rather they operate completely outside of any moral universe. To them, there is no such thing as moral or immoral, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, only whether their aim is judged lucrative and the means to obtain it without serious liability. A form, a disclosure, a protocol for a Clinton is not a question of signing it as required or not signing it; rather, for them, such a requirement simply does not exist. Clintons do not erase emails; they destroy the server to ensure erased emails are erased for good.

Simple facts that would embarrass most are utterly irrelevant to the Clintons. How can Hillary trash hedge funds, when her son-in-law runs one (and a dubious one at that)? She has just attacked the privileges of elite hedge funds without telling us that her daughter worked for one and is now reportedly worth $15 million.  Once Hillary Clinton stepped down from the State Department, she immediately rented space in a speculative financial office — so much better to monitor their unethical tax policies?

Who has the money to pay Bill Clinton $500,000 for a 40-minute talk, and why would anyone do so? (Before we blast oligarchs, remember that UCLA, a public university, paid Hillary $300,000 [$165 a second] for chit chat (did she touch on the unfairness of $1 trillion of student loans or the over-compensation of the one-percent?). Hillary came onto the national scene after using her husband’s cronies to steal $100,000 from the cattle futures market after a paltry $1,000 investment. I say steal unapologetically, given that statisticians report than any of us would have had a 31 trillion to 1 chance to replicate Hillary’s investment savvy. Not satisfied by rigging a system that cattlemen and farmers must assume is transparent and honest, Mrs. Clinton — of raise-taxes-for-the-public-good fame — then shorted the government in the reporting of some of her profits and was caught doing it.

There’s more.  Much, much more.

Dirty money

When conservatives think of dirty money, they think of Bill and Hillary Clinton selling out our national interests repeatedly in order to enrich themselves and their friends. When Leftists think of dirty money, they think of yanking support from a charity that had the temerity to accept a donation from a reputable philanthropic organization. Let me just say, again, how happy I am to have parted ways with my Democrat past.

Ian Reisner — pathetic weasel

I would like to think that, if I found myself in Ian Reisner’s shoes, having hosted a political event in an election year, and having challenged a candidate about views I found antithetical to my own, when the gay mafia came calling, I would have told it to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Reisner, however, abased himself completely when he was caught having dared to participate actively in the political process in a free country. What a disgusting, groveling, boot-licking weasel.

Incidentally, that link takes you to Reisner’s Facebook page and the very first comment you see comes from the inimitable and brilliant Gerard van der Leun, who writes pithily “Oh you cowardly little insect. No guts. No guts at all. Get used to your diet of humiliation. You will eat it again and again and again.”

Kurt Schlichter has a better suggestion for people being bullied

Just say “no,” Schlichter says, when the cultural mafia comes calling:

No, liberals, you are the racists. Your party created the Klan. Your party created and enforced Jim Crow. Those weren’t Republicans beating black skulls in Selma – they were Democrats. Bull Connor was a union-loving populist and a delegate to a Democrat National Convention. You liberals elected a KKK member as your Senate Majority Leader and then made him your President Pro Tempore, and you did it in this century.

I repeat, in this century.

Your Democrat party relies on racial divisions, lies, and hatred. Quick, which party would fold tomorrow if racial hatred suddenly evaporated – the party that seeks to limit government and to empower every individual to create his own success, or the party that seeks to grow government to more lavishly hand out scraps to buy votes?

Read the whole thing here and be inspired. When your neighbors see you running out of your house screaming, “No! No! No!” they may think you’re crazy, but you’ll know you’ve finally found your sanity and your backbone.

A heads up about an intriguing new book

My fellow Watcher of Weasels compatriot, Don Surber, has just published a new book: Exceptional Americans: 50 People You Need To Know.. I love the idea behind it. Don focuses on those less-than-famous Americans who nevertheless made a difference in our history. I also love the writer who wrote it. If you don’t already know, Don’s a wonderful writer. I’m ordering the book and expect to enjoy every minute I spend reading it.

And finally a must-see video about Baltimore

Just think:  This is what America could have been like if Obama were a true racial healer, rather than a cheap, two-bit racial hustler:

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