Bill Whittle eviscerates Disney’s “Tomorrowland”

My rule of thumb is that, if George Clo0ney’s in it, I’m going to hate it.  I dislike his bovine face, I dislike his smug acting, and I dislike his politics — politics that too often leak into movies that are being sold to our children as “entertainment.”  Take, for example, Tomorrowland, which Bill Whittle takes apart as a piece of Leftist garbage:

Apropos Brad Byrd, I used to know a lot of the people who worked with him. They were all kind, decent, and brilliant, and they were all hard Lefties, of the Nancy Pelosi variety. I understand that Byrd is cut from the same cloth — kind, decent, brilliant, and very, very Progressive. It was quite a surprise when that team came out with The Incredibles, a movie that is hostile to the dreadful leveling that is socialism as preached by America’s creative elite.