The Bookworm Beat 7-1-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

It hasn’t been a bad day; it’s just been one of those days.  Endless work, endless phone calls (some quite nice, but eight from my Mom, oy!), endless kid interruptions. Thankfully, Caped Crusader is there for me when I need him.  I’m starting with the funny stuff, and then it gets serious:

online dating

gnaw on carrot dieting

emotional baggae

old heart teenager

Hu's on first

religion better than social justice

same sex marriage mosques

bacon seeds

John Roberts legislator

liberal tolerance only extends to america's enemies

No pain must be dead

Old liberal professor hates america

Confederate flag cake

Robert Byrd KKK Democrat

Hillary fake southern accent

Supporting confederate people to irritate others

Democrats KKK

Christians labeled as intolerant

Mike Rowe on America's young

Drexel and Noam Chomsky