The Bookworm Beat 9-3-15 — the incredibly huge illustrated edition and open thread

I keep trying to blog and I keep getting interrupted.  I’ve decided, though, to interrupt the interruptions and share with you these pointed and often funny posters about politics and culture.  I’ve organized the posters first by candidate, then by Obama, then by Israel, and finally by just good stuff.

Obama and Trump logos

Uniting against Trump

Dumb Hillary

Stupid Hillary supporters

Hillary's private prison

Very bad Monica Lewinsky joke

People can't name Hillary's accomplishments

Bill Clinton outsourced Hillary's one job

Hillary and perjury

Voting for Hillary because of her accomplishments

Biden and Caitlyn

(This is not to say that Biden’s gay — not that there’s anything wrong with that — but just to present an amusing collision of memes.)

Bernie Sander's economic fantasies

Obama's priorities

Obama's priorities re cops and robbers

Obama and Hillary and their advisers

(I know Huma’s not Iranian.  The poster maker obviously wanted to say, accurately, that both Obama’s and Hillary’s closest advisers have strong Muslim ties.)

Obama gone

Obama discriminates against Americans

Dennis Miller on Obama's arrogance and nastiness

Promise of fish and Democrat voters

Honoring the names of ancient places

The real Nakba

Mick Jagger on Israel

Mao and gun bans

(Other guesstimates are that Mao managed to kill 50,000,000 to 75,000,000 of his own unarmed people, but I think the poster makes the point just as well with a lower number.)

John Kerry and sling shot

The scientific method then and now

A new special forces to fight ISIS

Tax evasion Hall of Fame Sharpton and Capone