Can America — heck! Can the world survive Barack Obama?

Obama with hornsTwo weeks ago, the question at the Watcher’s Council was whether America can recover from Barack Obama’s presidency.  The answers were thoughtful, ranging from optimistic (we’re greater than Obama’s depredations) to cautious (with ruminations about the character of a people that would elect Obama).

I’m interested in your thoughts on the question of whether America can recover from Obama’s fundamental transformations.  We know that if the next president is Hillary or Bernie that we’ll just continue down the same road, only traveling faster and falling harder.  The question is really whether a Republican president can turn around what Obama did.

I’d also like to broaden the question for you:  After reading Obama’s delusional U.N. speech, and looking at the Middle Eastern implosion, the Muslim onslaught on Europe, etc., do you believe a strong conservative president can change the violent chain of events that Obama has unleashed across the globe?  Please remember that you have to figure in what Obama has done to our Armed Forces — everything from reducing our nuclear arsenal to lowering combat standards so that women can take the field.

While you guys and gals have deep thoughts about whether we’re on a path from which there is no return, I will grapple with vexing legal questions for a client.