The Bookworm Beat 10-12-15 — the mammoth Monday illustrated edition and open thread

Christopher_ColumbusHappy Columbus Day, on which we celebrate the vast expansion of our world and the march to a modernity that, in places untainted by political or religious totalitarianism, has seen more people raised from poverty and despair than at any other time in human history!  (Or as more and more Democrats are saying “Happy Indigenous People’s day, on which day we mourn the destruction of the ‘noble savages‘ who died because of Columbus, no matter how vile and violent some of those indigenous people were.”)  Let’s celebrate this special day with an enormous collection of excellent posters!

America's historical homicide rate

[I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the numbers in the above poster, but I find it interesting nevertheless.]

Sheep and no biting rule

Gun control Japanese internment in US

Money for protecting politicians used for schools

Obama silent about ghetto gun use

Gun control saves lives

Gun control morally superior to be a victim

Who can make laws about things

Concentration camp gun free zone

Gun free zone next of kin

Deaths in America v Murders v mass murders

Breslau Jews disarmed

Pedophile Saudi

Where terror comes from

Why is the world silent about terrorism in Israel

US state department israel avoid palestinian knives

We're not responsible for our ancestors' acts

Race identity on the Left

Washington generates waste

Snowden v Hillary

capitalism v socialism

Putin kicks sand on Obama

Blue Angels over Alcatraz

Wolf corgi

Refer to age as levels

The new economic reality

Treating people with respect

Cat internet memes

capitalism v socialism

Home Depot Bruce Caitlyn

Majoring in women's studies