It’s time for Arizona to dump John McCain

John McCain served his country with incredible honor during the Vietnam War. He’s not doing so now. It’s time to dump him and there’s a viable contender facing off against him in the upcoming primaries.  A friend forwarded the following email to me:

Did you see the shameful behavior by John McCain and a handful of other Republican establishment sellouts??  They waited until 3:00 AM early Friday morning – while you were sleeping – to team up with every Democrat to pass a budget bill that raises the debt ceiling and increases spending by as much as $100 BILLION.

It’s time to replace those Republican Members of Congress who continuously betray conservative principles, and we’re going to start by replacing John McCain with a constitutional conservative.

A bold constitutional conservative, State Senator Kelli Ward, has stepped forward to challenge Senator John McCain in the Republican primary, and she is attracting conservative support from across the nation.

We are pleased to announce that CCC PAC has endorsed Senator Ward’s campaign and we are going to work tirelessly to help propel her to victory.

Let’s be blunt:  we cannot continue to endure ‘more of the same’ from Congress where the establishment of both political parties continue to push policies that put our nation further into debt, with the size and power of the government growing every day and our personal liberties and freedoms under constant attack.

John McCain has constantly attacked conservatives.  He called conservative members of the U.S. Senate “whacko birds.”  He labeled conservative activists in his home state of Arizona “a bunch of crazies.”  And unearthed IRS emails revealed that McCain joined with Democrat Senator Carl Levin to pressure Lois Lerner and the IRS to target conservative groups.  McCain, author of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance scheme, was angered over the Citizens United decision, and he wanted to reign in the power of conservative groups.

And we all know about McCain’s disappointing vote record in the Senate:

* McCain helped engineer the “Gang of 8” amnesty plan.

* The Arizona Republican Party voted to censure McCain for having a liberal voting record.

* The Gun Owners of America called McCain “a liberal in disguise.”

* McCain voted to fund ObamaCare.

* McCain voted for the Wall Street Bailout.

* McCain voted for the $600 Million fiscal cliff tax increase.

* McCain voted for ObamaTrade.

* McCain voted with Democrats to pass last week’s budget bill increasing federal spending and our national deficit.

* McCain has voted to raise the debt limit 15 TIMES!

Our conservative Republican challenger to John McCain is Dr. Kelli Ward – an elected member of the Arizona State Senate.

A wife and mother of three, Senator Ward earned a Bachelors Degree from Duke University, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, and her master’s degree in public health from A.T. Still University.

As a practicing physician, Dr. Kelli Ward learned just how disastrous ObamaCare is to our healthcare system.

A supporter of the tea party movement, Senator Ward has already been featured on the Mark Levin radio show, and a Gravis Marketing survey of Arizona voters shows Kelli Ward leads John McCain in the GOP primary race by 9 points – 45% (Ward) to 36% (McCain).

Please help us win this race, and replace John McCain with constitutional conservative Kelli Ward.

You can make a contribution to our independent expenditure campaign for the Arizona Senate race – HERE.

You can contribute any amount from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.