The Bookworm Beat 1/1/2016 — the illustrated edition

Things that make you go “hmmmm” as you contemplate the coming year:

Don't be a Kardashian be an Audrey

The Constitution is for the people to restrain the government

Cruz and the constitution

Israel supports Palestine

Muslim umbrellas

Muslim terrorists and pig-based bombs

Hillary outsourcing sex for Bill

Hillary's war on women

Hillary wears a carpet

Allegations against Bill Clinton

Trump voter against billionaires

Conservatives Republicans Democrats

Democrats Republicans Blacks

Pajama Boy versus the Greatest Generation

Government assistance to people who want to work

Presidency Big Shoes To Fill

Bloomberg says 19 year olds are too young for guns military disagrees

Walter Williams on capitalism

How a Jewish dog would wear pants

Tomatoes fruit ketchup

Marine and Priest agree

Don't try this at home warning unnecessary

The higher you go up the social scale, the smaller the balls

Don't be condescending

Cancelling English as a second language class

Why English is fun

Duck duck goose