[VIDEO] The reason behind free education — to get more of these people

Bernie votersBernie supporters, we are told, are overwhelmingly young. If you’ve been wondering why hip young people are drawn to a foam-flecked, angry, hand-waving, wild-haired old communist, these two videos give you the answer (language and content alert as to the first). They also explain why socialists want free college education for all. The first video shows that American colleges have become propaganda factories for the Leftist agenda. The second video reveals that average intelligence a young person possesses after having experienced this “education”:

This discussion about the reading lists college students get goes a long way to explaining this almost heroic stupidity.  And insight into the reductio ad absurdum of safe spaces (no solo in burlesque shows a loack of inclusivity and a violation of students’ safe spaces) just reminds us that, not only do we not want free college education for all; we want to burn these institutions down and sow the soil with salt.

Bernie and every kid gets a trophy