New Hampshire wrap-up open thread

New Hampshire resultsI won’t lie: I’m not happy with Trump’s victory. I don’t believe Trump is a true conservative; I think he’s a Trumpista, who heads the cult of himself. To that end, I’m concerned that he’ll say or do whatever it takes to capture the national zeitgeist to his advantage.

The one other point I want to make is that New Hampshire is a microcosm of everything I’ve said is the problem with Open Primaries: Party members don’t get to pick their own candidate. Instead, it’s a statewide free-for-all, with people free to make mischief for the other side’s candidate.

I strongly suspect that, if someone breaks down the numbers, Trump got the smallest percentage of his votes from actual conservative Republicans. As someone who lives in an Open Primary state, I resent the hell out of a system that allows people who do not support conservative values to help select the so-called “conservative” candidate.

At this rate, what we’ll end up with in this election is the “Democrat” party fronting a socialist, and the “Republican” party fronting a big government Democrat (that would be Trump, who believes as devoutly in the government as the Democrats do). What true conservatives want, of course, is SMALL GOVERNMENT. That option looks as if it’ll be off the table in this election, and that does not bode well for America’s future.

End of rant. Now it’s your turn.