Leftist denial about the war we fight

Behead those who insult IslamWhile doing research for a post, I wanted to confirm a meme I’ve seen, which is that Jimmy Carter blocked Iranian entries into America during the hostage crisis.  As it happens, he did.  What’s so funny, though, is how the writer at Snopes (which routinely leans Left), struggles manfully (or, I guess, womanfully) to say that Trump’s proposal to block Muslim immigration is nothing like Carter’s plan.

Wading through the endless sea of words, what she seems to say is that Carter was dealing with a dangerous situation for United States citizens and used visa sanctions as part of a package to punish Iran and improve the American situation.  This, of course, is different from Republicans who are addressing a dangerous situation for United States citizens and want to use immigration sanctions as part of a package to control the situation and improve American safety.

The Snopes article is part of an entire package of Leftist denial when it comes to our relationship with Islam.  People who are grounded in reality have noted that radical Islamists have explicitly and repeatedly declared war on us, and have backed this declaration with bloody action.  The Left, however, insists that, because it takes two to tango…

Obama tango time

….and because Leftists are too humanitarian and sophisticated to tango with terrorists, there is no war.  I realized today what this Leftist attitude brings to my mind:  Jimmy Durante.  No fooling:

What elephant? What existential war being waged against us?

When our political and cultural elite do acknowledge that some misguided un- and under-employed people seem to have taken these root causes and turned to violence, they begin to play “reverse psychology.” You remember that game from when you were a kid, don’t you? Or maybe it’s only those of us who were kids in the 1960s and 1970s who know this one.

We were all assured by our older siblings that “reverse psychology” meant that, if you want to get someone to do something, you suggest the opposite. So, if you saw your friend eating candy, you didn’t come out and ask, “Will you give me a piece of candy?” You knew, of course, that your dear, selfish friend would invariably say “no” to a direct request. Instead, you used reverse psychology. “I bet you’re not going to give me any candy, are you?” Reverse psychology promised that your friend would instantly say, “Well, you bet wrong. Here’s a piece of candy.”

I’m here to tell you that, in my childhood experience, reverse psychology never worked. Never.

But our elites are still playing that game. Daniel Greenfield brilliantly deconstructs the bizarre, useless, counter-productive, and quite insane reverse psychology game that’s being played with our and the world’s national security in the face of the Islamists’ existential war against freedom.

Oh, also — one more thing.  The Islamist war has nothing whatsoever to do with either Israel or America’s engagement in the Middle East.  This poster explains:

Islam attacks unrelated to Middle East and Israel