Found it on Facebook — the “Leftists always get it wrong” edition, part 4

Think of this as a bonus edition in the “Leftists always get it wrong” series, because I’m sure that I don’t need to explain at length what’s wrong with this poster. I include it because it so perfectly illustrates the way in which Leftists believe that they can change human nature.

As far as I can tell, this poster is kind of the apex of the irrational “kumbaya” thinking that drives so much Leftist policy. The useful idiots truly believe that, if you create the perfect national governments, followed by the perfect world government, all humans will be wonderful.

If all humans loved and respected each other

I so wish I could get the often well-intentioned useful idiots to understand that, if you’re hitching your wagon to a star that promises perfect human harmony, you’ve taken a deep dive into fantasy land. Moreover, those same useful idiots always believe that, rather than using enlightened self-interest to achieve prosperity and stable within and across nations, the only way to make this perfect system happen is to use the government to force the fantasy into reality.  Once you go down that road, rather than having world peace, you are invariably putting one part of the globe or another (or potentially the whole globe, and all 7 billion humans) on the path to deadly totalitarianism.