[VIDEO] America, we’re getting very close to an Argentina-style crying time

Memories of Argentina's economic crisis in 2001
Memories of Argentina’s economic crisis in 2001

If you feel as if we’re finally reaching the tipping point after more than 80 years of slo-mo corporate socialism (aka fascism), you are correct. ¬†Moreover, if you want to know how this tragi-horror story ends, you just need to look at Argentina, which was similarly situated to America economically, and which engaged in the same policies we’re pursuing now, only it simply speeded up the timetable.

If you can’t wait the 7 minutes to find out how the video ends, I’ll give you the short version: ¬†It ends badly.

I feel it’s incumbent on me to add that the only candidate in 2016 who advocates for the urgent necessity of shrinking the federal government is Ted Cruz. That Hillary and Bernie want to expand it for their own ends goes without saying, but Donald Trump has also made it clear that he intends to spend America out of debt and into his Donaldian prosperity. If you’re looking to Donald for a tax cut, don’t — that’s not his thing. Donald thought Reagan’s tax cuts, which unleashed the American economy, were an “absolute catastrophe for the country.”

I, more than most, believe that people can change. I’ve gone from being an unthinking Democrat who was frightened of religious people, supported unlimited abortion, and wanted to ban all privately owned guns, to being someone deeply respectful of religious people, mostly pro-Life (barring limited exceptions), and fanatic about the Second Amendment’s importance in our lives. And for each of those changes, I can articulate why I changed.

What concerns me about Donald Trump is that he has an almost wholly Progressive political past which he’s never renounced. Barring his extreme stands on Mexican and Muslim immigration — both of which he’s repudiated in favor of inchoate “deals” and compromises — I don’t recall him articulating strongly (or weakly) any “road to Damascus” moment regarding his Progressive political past. I’ll concede that Donald has said he’s realized the Second Amendment is good, and I applaud him for that, but everything else. . . . What am I missing?