[VIDEO] Bill Whittle looks at Obama’s utterly disastrous foreign policy

Bloody fingerprints in BenghaziWith Obama’s presidency winding down, Bill Whittle takes a look at every one of his disastrous foreign policy initiatives. No one can doubt that, in the last seven years, Obama has consistently betrayed America’s friends and emboldened, and strengthened, her enemies. Sadly, the blood that will be spilled in coming years will be your own — and that of your sons and daughters.

This catalog of disasters adds to the list of reasons I think Trump has a real shot at the White House. Hillary is closely associated with — and apparent architect of — many of these failures. Trump, who understands Alinsky, won’t hesitate to savage her on foreign policy.

Trump also supports my “madman” theory of foreign policy. Back when George Bush was president and the Left routinely derided him as a dangerous “cowboy,” I viewed that reputation as a positive, not a negative. I was pretty sure that Bush wasn’t going to push the red button, but his reputation for wild man aggression was enough to rein in some bad actors.

We see the opposite with Obama, of course. His reputation for utter passivity, and a complete unwillingness to protect America and her allies, emboldens bad guys.

With Obama in the White House, Russian planes buzz our Navy. If Trump is in the White House, I doubt anyone will be foolhardy enough to buzz our Navy. After all, there will be the very real fear that Trump, a “madman” or “wild man,” might be willing to respond with overwhelming force. At that point, it won’t matter whether he really is, or is not, crazy.  The reality is that, once you have the reputation of responding brutally to every provocation, you actually seldom have to act on it.

Oh, one more thing while I’m on American foreign policy: The New York Times has published a slobbering puff piece about Ben Rhodes, who is President Obama’s chief foreign policy advisor, despite lacking any objective qualifications for that role (as in, before catching Obama’s eye during the 2008 campaign, the young Rhodes’ one claim to fame was a published short story). Rhodes proudly boasts about the fact that he and Obama came up with the terms of the Iran agreement long before they went public with it. The negotiations were a sham, which the White House was able to sell because, according to Rhodes himself, reporters are uninformed, incurious idiots who can be sold any lies.

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