Leftists keep their eye on the prize

I found this poster on the Facebook page of a hardcore Progressive. The Leftists know what’s really at stake in this election. So should we:


While I don’t necessarily expect Trump to nominate conservative or even good judges, I know that Hillary or Bernie will pick hardcore Leftist judges who view the Constitution as an enemy that must be destroyed. My goal in November 2016 is to save as much as possible of the American fabric until a true constitutional conservative candidate – Ted Cruz! – comes along in 2020 or 2024 and begins the slow process of rebuilding a free America.

In that respect, I am different from those who believe that conservatives’ and/or Republicans’ November 2016 goal must be to do anything and everything possible to save the Republican party and the conservative brand from any association with Trump — which to them means refusing to vote for Trump. Unfortunately, that boat has already sailed.

As far as I’m can tell, and certainly judging by what I see both on my left-dominated Facebook feed and in the mainstream media, the Republican Party and the conservative brand are already irreparably tarred by the Donald brush simply because he is the presumptive Republican nominee (never mind the vast number of cross over Democratic voters who got him there). There is no walking that back by taking a principled stand in November.

With conservativism ideologically dead because of decades of relentless leftist propaganda in our schools, our media, and our entertainment world, a whole population must re-learn conservative principles. In the meantime, Americans frustrated with the dismal political, economic, national security, and social status quo apparently want to burn the house down. All we can do is try to salvage something for a true neoconservative movement.

During the primaries, when I still believed Ted Cruz could pull it off, I thought the worst thing that could happen was Donald Trump. Now that Donald Trump has happened, I’ve reluctantly concluded that the worst thing that could happen is another four to eight years of a Democratic (or communist) controlled White House — and that’s true despite all of the really bad baggage (including, I’ve been informed by those who pay attention, way too many Putin and communist ties) that Trump drags along with him.