Something strange about “missing” Medal of Honor recipients

One of my Facebook friends proudly noted that only West Point and Annapolis exceed Harvard when it comes to the number of Medal of Honor recipients who attended any single educational institution.  He posted a picture of those so honored:

Harvard Medal of Honor recipients

Do you see what I see about the names listed? Surprisingly (to me at least), the lists of Medal of Honor recipients at West Point and Annapolis have exactly the same weird quality.

The weird quality, of course, is the fact that, for all three institutions, the last people who received the Medal of Honor did so for their heroism in Vietnam.

Why in the world did these institutions, which were so heavily represented up to Vietnam, later stop producing Medal of Honor recipients? It’s easy enough to say that Harvard went all peacenik and wasn’t sending any students or graduates to serve in wars since Vietnam, but that doesn’t explain the absence of West Point and Annapolis names since Vietnam.

Can anyone explain this to me?