[VIDEO] Bill Whittle explains the lie behind “free education” in terms even a Leftist can understand

Left explained in a single pageAs the old Hollywood musicals liked to remind us, the only things free in this world are the sun, the moon, the stars, and other pretty, and not so pretty, things Nature provides, totally free of charge.  Everything else comes at a cost, and sooner or later someone has to pay. Bernie’s current promise is “free education,” meaning college education. Bill Whittle explains why Bernie’s promise is nonsensical:

It used to be, a long time ago, that some state colleges were supported only by taxpayer funds, without students having to pay tuition. Now, of course, they’re all funded, not just by state taxpayers, but also federal taxpayers, in-state students, out-of-state students who pay more, and the treasured international students who pay even more than that.

If you look back on that halcyon time of taxpayer-only funded education, you discover that colleges and universities had very small administrative divisions. Now, someone’s got to pay for an administrative stratum that often boasts more people than are in the actual faculty teaching the students. After all, every assistant to the assistant of the vice chair of a politically correct department needs full salary and benefits….