The Bookworm Beat 72/16 — the guns, Islam, gender, and illustrated edition

As I promised earlier, I’ve got many, many more posters to share with you. Off we go:

Guns safe space Paul Revere

Guns Justice Department goes soft on real gun criminals

Guns legal gun owners almost never murder

Guns NRA blamed members blameless

Guns second amendment not to protect against deer

Guns Democrats attack rights when terrorists attack America

Guns Mateen democrat Muslim Republicans and NRA blamed

Guns government seizure

Guns Martin Luther King had one on gov watch list

Guns Leland Yee anti-gun weapons trafficking

Guns Chicago times columnist rejected

Guns terrorists Obama

Guns Omar Mateen representative

Guns NRA and Christian mass murderers -- none

Islam devolution Michael Ramirez cartoon

Islam Ramadan slaughters

Islam murder children in their beds

Islam resistance is not terrorism

Islam background checks on refugees impossible

Islam destroying countries coming to you

Churchill on Islam

Islam moderates support extremists

Islam Taliban marriage counselor

Islam get a pass unlike Christians Franklin Graham

Obama Islamophobic to fear those who want your death

Islam pedophilia

Islam men leave women behind in war torn countries

Islam women in burkas not normal

Islam Crusades were a response not a trigger

Brexit George Washington

Gender bathroom donkey room

gender bathroom bigory

Gender male trapped in female body then born

Gender Bathrooms Bill Hillary Clinton