The Bookworm Beat 7/2/16 — the illustrated “Hillary and the Leftists” edition

I have so many great posters today that I have to break them into several posts. This one is going to be made up of posters I’ve classified as either “Hillary,” “Stupid Liberals,” or “Democrats.”  I think you’ll enjoy them all:

Hillary Elizabeth Warren Twins Shining

Hillary media CNN

Hillary blames everything on guns

Hillary ties corruption

Hillary Trump both bad

Hillary destroy America

Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton

Hillary stupid people vote for her

Hillary vote for woman

Hillary everything liberals supposedly oppose

Hillary in prison what difference does it make

Hillary not qualified just because she's a woman

Obama Hillary Islamic extremism

Hillary walled home

Hillary knows how to screw people

Hillary speech fees and kindergarten teacherse

Hillary and Bill women in Oval Office

Hillary is rich not ordinary person

Hillary Bill Clinton didn't have inappropriate discussions with Lynch

Hillary Bill Clinton and Lynch on the tarmac

Obama Hillary Islamic extremism

Democrats racists LBJ quotation

Democrats and voter fraud

Immigration democrats fund illegals

Stupid liberals Elizabeth Warren hypocrite

Stupid liberals reading constitution

Stupid liberals due process for terrorists not citizens

Stupid liberals disarm America for terrorists

Stupid liberals want to repeat 1968

Stupid liberals triggers and safe spaces

Stupid liberals gays supporting Islam

Stupid liberals destroyed scientific method

Stupid liberals Nelson Mandela supported voter ID

Stupid liberal protests capitalism using capital's tools

Stupid liberals cannot understand Muslim motives

Stupid liberals destroy free speech