The Bookworm Beat 8/8/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread

No talk, just picture action (more than 40 brilliant, insightful, and funny pictures):

Ready for Hillary vampire kit

Trump versus Hillary rallies

Hillary husband impeached for lying under oath

Hillary helped create ISIS mess

Hillary what difference does it make

Obama inappropriate remarks in Singapore

Obama Huckabee on Obama's secrets

Obama where did the Iran hostage money come from

Gun control and Obamacare neither does what's promised

Obama Middle East religion

Clumsy priest

America in trouble

Stupid leftists Islamists kill Jews by accident

Immigration they take low wage jobs

Blacks Supreme Court obsessed about race

Blacks Republicans responsible for their liberty

Black Benjamin Watson on aborting black babies

Black RB Ginsburg eugenicist

Blacks police DNC

Race it depends which black men you respect

Blacks single parents poverty

Police you'd be dead if we did not do our jobs

Guns government won't seize

Gun America does not have gun problem

Guns ironic to grab with guns

Gun owners not violent

Gun knows how to shoot

Gun home protected by high speed wireless device

Guns red light homes

Gun that started shooting Holocaust gas

Military free college

Military thank you

Stupid leftists old college try

Stupid leftists socialists don't contribute

Good praying bad praying

Gender Potty like it's 1999

Gender Financial Identity Disorder

Mattel Ken and Barbi

Wisdom shielding from folly creates fools

Wisdom Dennis Prager morality of socialism capitalism

Wisdom welfare state totalitarian state

Wisdom George Orwell's book

Wisdom tyrants lie


Silly handicapped parking

Silly stuff GMO joke

Silly Putin sits on information

Silly Pre-shredded cheese

Silly Dolly Llama